Sunday, November 30, 2008

India brought to her knees

A group of 20 terrorists have brought India to her knees. A country of 1 billion stood and watched and could do nothing about it. Wait a minute , that's not entirely true. India’s most prestigious anti-terror squad , the NSG toiled and fought bravely for 60 hours to save the hostages. The fire service department also did a wonderful job. Mumbai’s police force and their special wing , the ATS did the preliminary work of flushing out as many terrorists as they could. In the process we lost 3 top policemen among several others from the security agency . A railway employee who was announcing the schedule of trains at the Mumbai railway station played a very important role in getting the people move to the correct exit once he realised that the station was under attack. He surely saved at least a hundred lives. The readers of this might feel that as a nation everyone has done their duty. Nope wait a minute , we haven’t yet spoken about our political class.

Dr Manmohan Singh , our prime minister and Lal Krishna Advani , the leader of Opposition visited the site of terror attacks. They should have set aside their differences and should have visited together if there was a necessity. But they wouldn’t. They would show the world that the Indian political class would not stand united even at the worst of times. As a matter of fact , their visit to the site was completely unnecessary , as it was an additional pressure for the NSG to provide them with the required security. In no country does a politician visit a war zone when the security agencies are battling it out with their lives. 

We also haven’t spoken about our media. They continue their “exclusive” and “live” coverage. They continue to pressurise the law enforcing agencies who take it up as an additional responsibility to save the lives of the media from any untoward incident at the site of the attacks. They also continue to telecast the operations carried out by the agencies giving the minutest of details ; without realising that the terrorists have the most sophisticated weapons and can easily intercept this information and nullify the attacks. They also visit the houses of the the slain policemen and fire questions to their family members. How would you feel if you lost your family member ? Even they feel the same ! So you got your answer.

For most people , resuming life after these incidents would only mean getting away from their television sets and continuing their daily schedule. But  several others would start their lives after visiting the city’s morgues.

How many of you have spent a minute in silence praying for the departed souls ?

Think about it.

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