Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Ideal time for the Women’s reservation bill

The new parliament following the UPA’s emphatic victory has started its session. We will see the budget being presented sometime in July. We will also see the ministry of foreign affairs playing a key role in rebuilding Sri Lanka and overseeing efforts to ensure that the interests of the tamil minority population are not clouded amdist the euphoria of the government’s victory. At the same time , with Meira Kumar having been appointed as the Speaker , all of us would like to believe that the government is trying to send a clear message that it is serious about representation of women in India’s parliament.

The empowerment of women must begin at the grassroots level. It wouldn’t matter to a woman in a village if Meira Kumar is the LS Speaker , however instead if the Panchayat had adequate representation of women , it would be easier to solve cases of domestic violence against women. Many of these cases in fact go unheard. Reservation for women in the Panchayat is a welcome move and we have to see if the government indeed goes ahead and implements the bill. This brings me to the Women’s reservation bill.

This women’s reservation bill has been long pending. Neither the NDA not the previous UPA government was able to pass the bill. The RJP , SP and LJP have already said that they are against the bill and would do anything to stop it. We recently heard Sharad Yadav saying that he would kill himself if the bill was passed. The BJP has indicated that it is willing to support the bill. Its leader , Shri Advani has clearly indicated that the 15th Lok Sabha will see a new beginning in govt-opposition relationship. Parties such as RJP , SP etc which oppose the bill received a drubbing the election and cannot conjure enough strength to stop the bill . Added to this is the support from the BJP for the bill. The UPA cannot get a better opportunity than this to pass the bill.

The significance of the bill stems from the fact that women are considered the wiser sex. Added to this is their experience is running a family. They are also considered to be less corrupt when compared to men. More than anything , in a land where crime against women has been rampant for ages now , this is all but a small means of seeking forgiveness.


Indian Homemaker said...

I reached here through Blogbharti.

I feel Women's Reservation Bill is just one way to balance the unwritten reservation that we have for men.

This bill, if passed, would definitely be like opening of a new door for 50% population in the country.

Men's Rights said...

Do you want Women's Reservation everywhere? That is,

1) Women's Reservation for 50% of Judges positions in High Courts and Supreme Court.

2) Women's Reservation for 50% of positions in IAS, IPS, IFS?

3) Women's Reservation for 30% of Govt and Private Sector Company Jobs and Promotions every year without considering performance.

4) Women's Reservation for 50% of Senior Management positions in private sector?

5) Women's Reservation for 50% of seats in IITs, IIMs, Engineering and Medical Colleges?

6) Lay Offs only for men in Private sector and No Lay offs for women.

7) Law for sacking of Men from their jobs, if a woman accuses him of harassment at workplace and considering the accused man guilty till proven innocent.

8) Women's Reservation for 50% of positions in Panchayats.

If you do not want special privileges for Women in all the above, the time to act is now. If women get reservation in parliament, then they will change laws to implement all of the above and you will just watch helplessly.

Jago India. Jago!!

Act Now. Send this message to as many people as possible.

Say No to Special Privileges to Women. Say No to Women's Reservation.

my3pk said...

Awesome blog ..
Actually none of the women want things that they dont deserve but atleast would like to get what the rightfully deserve ,women's bill would be a magic wand for a better society with equal rights.

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