Friday, November 9, 2007

A tribute to Pramod Mahajan

The youth of my country show great pride when they state that they do not have an interest or inclination towards any political scenario or development which may make or break their country. It is during such times that a man or woman who is capable of stirring the souls of the youth is needed. Late Shri Pramod Mahajan was one such leader.
Pramod Mahajan came from humble beginnings and took teaching as a profession. As a member of the BJP, he rose through its ranks. He was the Telecommunication minister in the NDA government and is the man who changed the face of Telecom Industry in India. From being an instrument used by the rich and the privileged, mobile phone usage spread across all sections of the society.
In the Maharashtra political scenario, he was the chief architect of the alliance between the Shiv Sena and the BJP. The credit of forming a government in Maharashtra goes to him. He is fondly remembered for his speeches during election campaigns, wherein he spoke of overthrowing the Congress government; a belief for which he was mocked at many times.
He remained as one of those few leaders who was respected by members of all the political parties. Though he was never considered as a mass leader, it is a generally accepted fact that he was one of the more intelligent politicians India has produced, a leader who could have led us well in the 21st century. He was the chief architect of the India Shining campaign of the BJP during the 2003 elections. The loss of the BJP is many a times attributed to this campaign, however statistics clearly showed that it is anti-incumbency coupled with wrong alliances which led to the party losing the assembly elections. His role in the party was questioned many a times by his fellow party members after the loss in the elections. However one must remember that elections in India, where less than half the population vote and where less than 40 percent of the educated vote, is the most unpredictable democratic event in the world. The intellectuals of the party are not as influential as the politician who distributes money or uses the name of caste to garner votes. He was shot dead in his apartment and his brother is the prime accused in this case. The judgement is underway and we do hope at least after his death Pramodji gets justice, if not during his lifetime.
Leaders like Pramod Mahajan nourished the early development of young India. Such leaders cannot be forgotten and it is our duty to groom the next generation of leaders to follow people like Pramodji , so that we are rest assured that after our life, the country is in safe hands. India might have lost one of her most beloved and loving sons and we will continue to miss him. It is certain that a developed India with a poverty free society will ensure that his soul is at peace. We certainly pray that his soul rests in peace.

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