Saturday, November 10, 2007

Movies and Indian Media. What a shame.

It is an important week for the film industry as two of the biggest productions of the year Saawariya and Om Shanthi Om hit the box office on the occasion of Diwali.For the film industry, it is extremely crucial for both or at least one of the movies to be successful. To achieve this, they must first draw the audience to the theatre with great publicity. So how do they achieve this? Simple: The actors of the movie use the Music and Dance shows of all TV channels as a platform for promoting their movie. This is a common phenomenon but of late News channels are being used for the promotion of movies.
The quality of a country's media speaks volumes about the intellectual level which the country has reached. As is write this , day in and day out news channels continue their propaganda for the two big releases and tend to ignore the emergency in Pakistan , the house arrest of Benazir Bhutto, the emergency in Georgia , the victory of the British Doctors for equal work permits in the UK etc. If the news channels argue that they are not interested in such international news, then why didn't anyone even report about the killing of 5 terrorists in J&K during which India lost five of her soldier sons?
Achieving a high TRP seems to have fogged the vision of the news channels. We need an intelligent media. As for glamour and glitz, well they can still be aired and propagated in news channels but probably for an hour or so in a separate section; not as a full time event. In a country where politicians have the least credibility, it would be sad it news channels join the same league. We certainly hope things change


Anonymous said...

Hey, good post. I like your way of thinking. Keep it up.

Deva said...

u have spoken my words dood.. ;>

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