Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tier 2 Towns And Cities. Lets Plan Them.

Cities like Bangalore , Mumbai and other cosmopolitan cities continue to choke everyday with the huge influx of vehicles. This is a very banal topic and much has been discussed about the remedies for thid scenario. There is a silent revolution going on in most Tier 2 cities and towns of India with tremendous economic development. Civic authorities continue their planning for these towns but in the process they’ve comfortably forgotten the problems elsewhere where similar planning for cities was done.Perhaps the only flyover in the world having a traffic signal is in Bangalore !! So much for their planning.
Architects of well planned cities and countries state that one of the simplest techniques for avoiding such traffic woes would be to have huge and broad roads with several lanes . Flyovers can also be planned at the early stage of development. However, such roads, the planners argue, are not needed as there would not be a proportionate high vehicular movement. They must however remember that we are already more than 1 billion in number and are marching towards the 2 billion mark. We need to plan our roads keeping in mind the huge uncontrollable population of the future . History is not kind enough to allow us to correct our mistakes at a future date. What we plan now stays forever.

In my opinion, all roads, be it a national highway or just a street in a remote residential area have to be constructed big and with a high load factor. The Chinese with the “Great Wall” have shown that thinking and planning big never hurts. Their planning of roads and cities follows the same mentality of think big. What I have stated here about thinking big while planning cities and towns is simply what has been followed in several developing and developed nations. We cannot afford to be left behind in this aspect.

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