Monday, December 24, 2007

India's First Democratic Event

Democracy produces leaders who possess one of the two fundamental qualities which make them what they are – intelligence and forethought about the political stage is one of them , possessing a mass appeal , which basically means getting the people to come out of their cozy homes and vote for them is the other.

A mature democracy will however produce an intelligent politician who initially starts of with a mediocre public appeal but wins them over with his/her capabilities. It would be a dream come true to see leaders like Kapil Sibal or Arun Jaitley to achieve such a feat. The capabilities of both the leaders are unquestionable. Sadly though is the population intelligent enough to realize that ?

What we proudly say as the largest democracy is a flaw in itself because the people do not understand the concept. We might be following all the rules in the book and get a government in place but does anyone understand the process of govt formation ? An illiterate politician who gets votes by hook or crook certainly does not understand it and the population which votes on the basis of caste or religion not only fails to understand democracy , but in turn kills it. When both the relevant parties do not understand democracy, who understands it ?

The educated understand it . But do they participate in voting ? The strategist of a party with several degrees in law or finance understands how to run a government but does he contest elections ?

Democracy can succeed only if the population is intelligent and broad minded enough to vote for the right ideology . Caste and religion certainly don’t have a place. For this ,educating every one amongst us is compulsory. This is no doubt a difficult task and requires several years or even decades. Probably after one such point in time if we have a free and fair election with political parties campaigning on a development platform and the population voting on the same basis , we can proudly mark it in our calendar as India's First Democratic Event !

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